A difficult start

I understand it is never easy to begin writing on a blank sheet of paper so I don’t think this is going to be anything other than difficult. A friend of mine suggested some years back that I begin writing a blog after admiring his own words. I found his musings witty, funny and often touching but did not think that I had the same penmanship in my own bones / head. However, as I’ve now turned fifty, and am both searching to challenge myself and do something different to the norm I’m going to try my hand at this blogging lark.

A few years back I religiously downloaded the photos from my iPhone once a month and applied some commentary to them. I published them through my Facebook account and didn’t really intend for anyone else to look at them (but admittedly I didn’t hide them by making the private either I now realise). What I did intend it to be however was a reminder to things I had done and might otherwise forget and that remains true of it today. And that is also what I intend for the blog.

So primarily it will be for my own use, at least before I become brave enough to advertise it, although I will start as I go on by making it public. I think becoming fifty has coincided with, rather than prompted an interesting time in life, I hope it provides enough material for me to put into words on a (semi) regular basis.

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