Only Connect

Do you ever sit and think “if only I had time to..”? Well, right now I’m blessed with time to do those things that I choose to do, rather than I have to do and I’ve concluded that I need to connect with a number of things that I haven’t given the focus that they deserve. Likely I have always had this time, but I have wasted it on more trivial things (damn you Candy Crush) so I’m making a more conscious decision to undertake activities and ambitions that are precious to me.

Almost two years ago to the day, Karen and I walked the West Highland Way with two good friends. We walked the 100 mile route over 7 days and whilst difficult, it created a great sense of achievement for all of us. I have far too often lived to excess causing me to be overweight and unfit, the WHW reminded me when I take time to exercise and set goals, that my weight and general health benefit. So the first thing I need to connect with is walking a determined number of steps each day.

Hand in hand with that is taking time to eat properly. A conversation with my son this weekend, who is much better at sticking to a regime than I, has spurred me to again begin tracking what I eat. I love to cook and making time to prepare things from scratch knowing exactly what I’m fueling my body with. Having time to do that, I want to explore more of the cookery books that exist only to gather dust on the bookshelves not only to fuel, but to thoroughly enjoy what I eat.

Third and final resolution is to turn off the TV / tablet / phone and return to reading books and listening to music. It struck me that I only ever turn the pages of a book when I’m on holiday and it is an activity that I find most relaxing. Likewise it is rare that I make time nowadays to listen to music either old or new, again an activity I prepare for on holiday ensuring the iPod is packed.

I realise more as write how precious time is and that I need to be more conscious as to how I spend it. I don’t doubt I will be sidetracked by Netflix or some other game on the iPhone that captures my flitting attention but I am going to try.

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