I didn’t have anything in mind for my next post this morning, other than writing a diary entry explaining the glorious weather in Scotland and how I had spent two lovely days on the West Coast enjoying the weather, the views, the nature, walking….. I could go on. But, by chance, as I was driving to today’s appointment I listened to, for the first time in a long time, the thought for the day on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

It basically asked if you arrived at the end of your time is there anything you would regret if you had not done that thing? I am probably misquoting but that was the way I heard the question. It set me thinking how lucky I am to be enjoying a country that is rich in scenery, one that I find hard to parallel on a day to day basis without driving to a designated viewpoint or area of interest.

What I have done for the last 2 days specifically, and much of the last 3 months, is enjoy the views that are in by back-yard so to speak. I drive past stunning views everyday between where I shop and home, where I choose to play golf (OK that was my only morning appointment today), and where we hope to find our next property. As a side-note I mentioned before that Karen and I are empty nesters’ and in the process of selling the family home we are currently searching for the next dwelling, and the last 2 days were spent exploring only a small part of the West Coast of Scotland but wow, was it stunning in beauty.

So what would I regret? Not taking time to enjoy what I have.

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