Back to blog, back to reality

The reason for the absence of a week between this entry and the last is that the family took a holiday. It feels strange to say I took a holiday as the weeks grow between my last work as an IT contractor and what will be my next. I’m thoroughly enjoying time at home (or more particularly doing the things I want to do rather than have to do), and being ‘on holiday’ for a week further validated that for me.

At the start of the year I tried to map out a number of scenarios regarding our finances in an attempt to judge how long a break I could take between contracts. Ideally the answer would have been that I didn’t need to return at all and the idea was born that we should start looking for an alternate way to live. Put simply, more frugally.

It’s for another blog entry all of it’s own the ups and downs of selling a house but suffice to say we are not there yet. The house and the way we currently live dictates how frugal or otherwise we can be, so my next task on the computer is to turn again to the job market and review what’s out there. I can’t say I’m in a hurry to get back!

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