Adventure Before Dementia

Karen and I went for a drive today in search of potential locations to look for our next home. I have mentioned in previous posts that we are selling the house due to being empty nested and our current house being too big for us. Today, on that drive, I spotted two things that amused me and summed up my feelings towards the move quite well.

The first was a bumper sticker on a camper van that read “Adventure Before Dementia”. That pretty much sums up the attitude we have to taking on a project – a renovation or self build in our case – before we are too old to do so. I suspect the couple in the camper van, at least I hope the couple in the camper van, had reached the same conclusion as us and have already embarked on their own adventure.

The second thing was the train pictured above. Whilst I think the name on the front is Florence we very much know this as the Hogwarts Express. I took great pleasure in reading the early novels to our daughter and recall very clearly how Harry stood on platform 9&3/4 not quite knowing what the future held. Full of anticipation and trepidation at leaving his old life behind but excited and eager for the adventure to come. With adventure comes an amount of risk that is equally scary and invigorating and I think the HP novels illustrate that well. I sort of feel the same now but I’m determined to have the adventure (before dementia).

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