In moving house we have decide we need to start to rationalise possessions and that we carry forward into the next home. Today has seen a polar expedition of the two freezers we have kept stocked over the last few years. I’m sure that we have gone back and forth to them many times over those years and, times before, attempted to rationalise the contents.

So why do I find today a pork chop from 2015? Something that has survived the prior rationalisation or developed a higher ability in the game of hide and seek. It’s not the only example of a dated foodstuff residing at the back of the freezer but it’s the oldest.

Harder to figure is the remnants of pre-cooked leftover meals that the freezer has erased the pseudo-sharpie marker title on the lid. With our marriage comprising of one vegetarian and one confirmed carnivore, the relatively simple task of we’ll just take pot luck on that once ice cream tub housing a brown block of ice (that looks a bit like chilli-con-carne) typically makes for disappointment for one of us.

In our next home I’m sure we’ll stock the freezer accordingly and catalogue everything that goes in. Inventory everything that comes out and stock-take at every quarter to ensure the log we have taken is accurate. I’m equally sure this will be abandoned approximately 2 days into the routine.

Is this the same for everyone?

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