Drawing Blank

When I started writing the blog I knew at some point I would run out of ideas or have nothing that I valued enough at the current time to spur me to write. I also promised myself that when the time came, as it has now, that I would still commit thoughts to word rather than let a week become two, become a month etc before writing again. As this is the first time I have come across this block I can write this fear down if nothing else.

Life plans seem to have hit a pause right at the moment. The sale of the house progresses with an offer being made but there is a chain involved and this causes delay in the formal paperwork being signed. Our own search for a new home has resulted in finding properties that we like but can’t afford and properties we don’t like enough but can. This with one exception, but communication with the seller is proving nigh impossible (potentially a story for a later date). The latter situation necessitates us looking for an interim rental property but that is itself a difficult market to commit to until the formality of our own sale is complete.

As I write I have the TV on in the background and see adverts for Channel 4’s adaptation of Catch-22. I can’t help feeling the whole house buying / selling process is based on Heller’s work!

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