Question Time

Since being home in the day, rather than the office as I have been for most of my adult life, I have gained a slight addiction to TV quiz shows. For the most I dislike daytime television; I was delighted to see Jeremy Kyle’s show removed from air. I don’t warm to Phil and Holly either – I have nothing against them but it’s not for me.

During my time in the office I used to arrive home for a slice of Pointless, The Chase or Eggheads whilst I ate dinner. This consciousness has now expanded to include Tenable, Tipping Point and my current TV favourite Impossible! I am delighted also to see that Countdown prevails on Channel 4 and that 15 to 1 has been resurrected.

My thirst for quizzes also extends to the Radio. Even in the office years I indulged in PopMaster hosted by Ken Bruce on his Radio 2 morning show and this remains a firm favourite. I think if I were to go on a quiz show, pop music of the 80s may have to be my declaration of a specialist subject

So now I just need to turn fascination into application. I have the forms pending for each of The Chase and Tipping Point. I’m neither brave nor clever enough to attempt 15 to 1, or enough of a wordsmith to attempt Countdown. Perhaps, some practice at a local pub first though…..

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