The Room of Requirement Part 2

After just shy of a week of clearing the “Room of Requirement” is nearly no more. I am pleased to report that all bar the last 6 boxes and the heavier items (2 beds and a wardrobe – yes I kid you not) have been distilled to the living room for onward travel. My wife has done a sterling job in sorting and the charity shops, refuse tip and the next property have all been allocated a sufficient number of items to make carriage worthwhile.

It makes me think that in the next chapter of our life we need to be a lot smarter in what we buy. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but necessity rather than desire needs to guide future purchases. I have noted a lot of waste in what we have had to get rid of – things I once desired that remain unopened. Something bought for a rainy day, or was ‘too good’ to use being handed to a charity shop as it has value but of no particular use to us in our onward life.

Some items were of a much more transient value. A fad of the time possibly crowned by a Facebook post I saw recently asking if anyone still has CDs or DVDs in their house? I still have VHS.

Anyway the cleanse is almost complete and I take the oath never to find ourselves in the position again. Experience has taught me that materially I don’t need much of what I desire.

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