Not Moving

Another two weeks have passed since I last typed and I cant help feeling that at the moment we are treading water. Whilst it was great that our home sold quickly, and we are very happy with the interim solution to our needs, I am growing frustrated with the buying side of the housing market.

Our ‘plan A’ of a move to the Scottish Island of Gigha didn’t happen. The property we had first seen in February finally went to a closing date where we were unsuccessful with our bid. Fair enough to the successful bidder but a prolonged conversation with the seller’s solicitor and, much research wasted, frustrated both Karen and I enormously. I can’t help feeling that someone else reaped the benefits of all our prodding.

Our search for our future home continues and again yesterday we found a house that fit much of our criteria. Communications with the Estate Agent today revealed that our journey of three hours to view was all in vane as the property had already received a successful bid.

This isn’t the first time that we have expressed interest in a property and it has been bought without going to a closing date. Something I had understood the process in Scotland to demand. The one time I would have been grateful for a fast outcome, Gigha, I was made to wait for other bidders to play catch up.

So I’m left feeling deflated. Wondering if there are secrets to property buying that I’m simply unaware of or, as I fear, money talks and I simply don’t have enough of it!

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