I normally scroll past those motivational or inspirational type of quotes and pictures on Facebook. In my opinion, they are there for clickbait and far too many of my friends share them. At best they are well meant but often hollow knowing that whilst we nod at them we wont abide by the words on the page.

Now to break my own rule. I’ve seen two recently that struck a chord.

One of the first blog entries I made was a post called the money value of time. I think what I was trying to say is summed up well by the graphic above. In my middle age I am far more concerned with time and physical wealth but all too aware that financial wealth (in some/large part) facilitates both, certainly the call on my time.

The second sums up what Karen and I are currently searching for. The aspiration to find a smaller rural home and build a lifestyle around it, spending the former holiday budget on the everyday because it is simply no longer required. The viability is still in question but I’ll keep the commentary on progress.

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