Losing my cool.

I would like to think I’m not a difficult or demanding person, but my wife will tell me I’m not afraid to complain either. In a restaurant if I don’t like, or find fault with my food I am quite happy to mention this to the waiter if I’m prompted with ‘is everything OK?’. It is though a British trait to nod politely and complain in silence later, so perhaps I am more easily agitated or more vocal than the norm.

What’s upset my middle aged persona (aka grumpy old man) this week? Well, you will see from prior posts that we are currently renting a property for which we are paying a fair but not small a price. I’ve had cause in recent weeks to point out some issues with the property that I think are in need of repair. Whilst not critical the landlord’s agent either hasn’t seen the urgency or is having trouble finding a contractor to do the necessary work.

This week though something I do see as critical to harmonious living for the family has failed. First noticing some squidgy things in the freezer last Saturday it soon became apparent that the fridge-freezer was not long for this world. Over last Sunday it became even more apparent that the fridge was now luke warm rather then the few degrees it should be.

So I complained. The agent, a pleasant enough young man, heard my request for replacement and said he’d get a repair man out. I phoned back the next day to be told that the repair man had advised that the agent would be better replacing the item as cost and chance of repair were large and small respectively.

I’ve phoned the letting agent on three of the last four days each time being told they would progress and phone me back to let me know what was happening. One week later I have received no return phone calls, learnt that the pleasant young man has gone on annual leave, met the new girl in the office ‘who has only been there a week’ and not been convinced that a replacement fridge freezer is on it’s way. Am I unreasonable in asking for the courtesy of a return call?

It leaves me thinking (again) that in a customer service industry I am not seeing much customer service. Another phone call on Monday methinks.

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