It’s my Birthday, I’m going to party like it’s my birthday……

Sang Fifty Cent on his way to ‘Da Club’. At 51 it is very unlikely I’m going to da club this evening, it is a school night after all. And now I look at the lyric again why do you have to party ‘like’ it’s your birthday when it is your actual birthday? Now, however, is not the time for a rant on the use of the word ‘like’ in sentences when it’s completely unnecessary.

I’ve started the day with a celebratory bowl of choco pops, that’s ASDA own brand Coco Pops because I’m still being frugal. In truth I celebrated early with Karen when we holidayed in Corfu last week. We took full advantage of our all-inclusive tag (something we have rarely done before) and I’ve discovered some new cocktails in the process.

Most of all it was good for us both to have a week off rightmove. I’m thankful that I have had time off working to concentrate and focus on the process of moving out and finding our next home but to now the process has been fruitless. Fruitless and to large degree disappointing. I digress, back to the birthday post.

So after a lazy start, I think I’ll put a bottle of fizz in the fridge for later. Go find my boots and go for a nice walk (not to da club). Very different from the excesses of my youth but as they say, simple pleasures.


A lovely day was had! Lots of well wishes from my friends on facebook, went for the walk as promised. Great present from my lovely wife – which took lots of research after our holiday of last week. Cooked carbonara, drank gin & fizz. Not a club in sight – perfect.

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