I had the misfortune of listening to George Ezra on the radio today as I was nipping out in the car. It mystifies me that he is so popular because half the time I cannot tell what he is singing, not since ‘Into the Valley’ (one for the oldies) has a song been so misheard as ‘Budapest’. Anyway I can hear the lyrics to shotgun which I think needs some further discussion

“Homegrown alligator, see you later”. Right, you just nicked ‘see you later alligator’ and bastardised it – that’s a lazy start and one most 6 year olds could write.

“Gotta hit the road, gotta hit the road”. If you are in a hurry to leave, is ther any need to repeat yourself?

“The sun it changed in the atmosphere”. Do you know what George, it generally does. That’s why we have night and day. What’s your point?

“Architecture unfamiliar”. First decent bit of lyric writing, pity it doesn’t rhyme with atmosphere, which is the only reason I can think of the word atmosphere being used in the first place.

“Time flies by in the yellow and green”. WTF? Just WTF?

“Stick around and you’ll see what I mean” I don’t see what you mean, I don’t have a scooby what this ‘yellow and green’ is.

“There’s a mountaintop that I’m dreaming of – If you need me you know were I’ll be”. I don’t need you (other than to tell you to stop singing), and I haven’t clue where you are. You are dreaming of a mountain top, even if you said you were on a mountain top your location would be a bit sketchy.

“I’ll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun – Feeling like a someone”. Who? Now I don’t know where you are or who you want to be.

“The south of the equator, navigate it”. First clue to where you are and it’s not specific is it? Anneka Rice would have struggled if Treasure Hunt was like this. Let me guess, you’ve ‘Gotta hit the road, gotta hit the road’?

“Deep-sea diving ’round the clock, bikini bottoms, lager tops”. Another rhyming tragedy clock / top, you haven’t got the hang of this have you George? And it’s not like you’ve forced the rhyme for some clever piece of descriptive prose.

It goes on…… “We got two in the front, Two in the back” typical car then? “Sailing along”, or a boat?

“And we don’t look back”, you’re not even trying now, you’ve rhymed back with…… back.

Rant over.

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