Never a Crossword

Today is a happy day. Let me explain why.

When I first started work at RR&A back in the 1990’s I met a crossword enthusiast by the name of Eddie. Eddie and I bonded over the Daily Telegraph crossword, although he was always much better at it then me. For an added bonus we used to work through the more difficult Sunday Times crossword if he hadn’t already finished it over the weekend.

Fast forward to my move to Scotland. During my MBA year I found fellow crossword puzzlers in, another good friend to this day, Graham and one of our lecturers Ronnie. The flavour this time was The Herald and whilst it wasn’t as tough as The Telegraph it proved quite a challenge.

When I worked for BAE System the Herald had begun to offer it’s crossword online, which proved easier (and cheaper) access to the morning addiction. At this time I shared competition with my manager, Tony. It took me a little while to notice that the Herald’s HTTP address for it crossword and previous day’s answer followed a pattern that could be easily worked out. It took less time to realise that they gave access to the day’s answers on the same day as the crossword was published once you knew where to look. So a game ensued of me completing the Herald crossword in under five minutes before asking Tony if he had completed it yet?

There was a few lay years (in a crossword sense) before I joined HP. I again enjoyed a kinship of crossword solvers, finding a group who accessed and printed the Metro crossword for the consumption of several interested parties during breaks in the day. The Metro tends to be easier again than the Herald but enough to get the grey matter pumping. And once again I met a good friend (Steve) who, when the Metro ceased publishing online, engineered a way for someone to pick the free paper (still containing the crossword) up on his way from the train station.

Today is a good day because for the first time in ages I have had need to go to a train station and, after a ten month absence in my life, have found a Metro. Small victory, but I’ve picked up and completed without stuttering too much. It’s good to know the brain cells haven’t failed me yet, at least in the crossword department.

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