Still Unbalanced

I tend to look back at when I last wrote a blog post before starting to write again and think, if I made a promise to myself to do something, did I do it? Well it’s a very swift no to the answer this time having cancelled gym membership that I simply wasn’t finding the time or inclination to visit. Work still dominates the January schedule but hopefully we will soon be back to house hunting.

Time in between the last post and now has not been dull however. Delighted to say that the whole family were in the same hemisphere for Christmas and in the two week break for Karen and I, we were joined by our New Zealand residing daughter and her partner. Loved having them back and harmony with her younger brother lasted almost to the New Year. We managed to fit in trips to rugby (Glasgow versus Edinburgh), Edinburgh Theatre (The Lion King), Cinema (Star Wars) & Elfingrove (fake snow). All of this and traditional dinners at Christmas and New Year.

When the blog started I was hoping it would chart our adventure of selling the big house and swapping it for a lifestyle that included sea views and our own business. I have documented the house on the Isle of Gigha that didn’t happen and nothing has excited us in quite the same way since. There remains one property I would describe as ‘we are keeping an eye to’ but for the moment doesn’t fit the budget without that elusive lottery win. I still hope the blog moves to that eventually but for now I’m simply reporting that the right proposition is yet to present itself.

Work has stemmed the flow of monies out I’m glad to report such that we have largely preserved the equity from the house sale. It has also stemmed to do all the things I was previously reporting as enjoyable in my time down from the office. That will come to an end soon with a re-focus to the housing market that has slowed over the winter months. I’m hoping that balance will be restored once the new home is found.

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