I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the blog of the want to return to house hunting and that we had yet to find a proposition similar to that we had seen on Gigha. I don’t know if the Gods were listening, or perhaps I should say reading, when I penned that but I’ve a story to tell out of the blue. Karen and I received an email from our solicitor to the effect that the sale we had missed out on at closing date in July of last year had fallen through. To that end were we still interested in the property?

When I say out of the blue, perhaps it wasn’t totally as a chance meeting of a good friend with a resident of Gigha had suggested as much last year. Karen had also researched the website to find the sale was still ongoing and a phone call confirmed that it was yet to be concluded. What I think is amazing is that we haven’t seen anything else in the mean time that has interested us in the way this offering has.

However, a note of caution to myself as much as anyone who reads on. The process in speaking to the vendor was long and drawn out last time and there is no reason to believe it wont be the same this time. There is both an excitement and an anxiety to the recurrence of this property and to have a second chance at it is great but it could still end in disappointment either because we decide the deal is not right or the vendor decides our offer is not enough (again).

My wish that the blog begins to document our new life my yet be realised………….

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