It’s not a sprint, more a series of hurdles

I was hoping that soon I would be able to break exciting news to our next house purchase, instead I’m learning to treat the process more like a hurdle race. Problem being (still) is I don’t know if I’m three hurdles in to 110m, or three hurdles in to a 10,000m steeplechase.

We have moved forward. After a year of negotiation, failure at closing date, and a reopening of negotiation due a deal falling thru we have had an offer accepted. Now, due to the state of the property, comes our opportunity to ascertain if the renovation is affordable before committing to the final signature. This will be a significant hurdle – the water jump in the steeplechase to continue the analogy.

Wheels are in motion to do this but Karen and I are reserving our own excitement as we have had disappointments before. For now it remains a waiting game……

Image does not show hurdles which appear at random and are mostly unknown

So I drafted the above text at the start of the month not knowing the world was shortly going to become a very different place. A hurdle presented to each and every one of us, Coronavirus, has further slowed progress on proceedings and certainly could not have been foreseen. For now we are thankful that we are safe at home and not knowingly infected. Unsurprisingly therefore, still nothing more to report.

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