2020 Vision?

I decided that when COVID hit that I was not going to write a series of ill tempered monologues on the political state of the country and how lockdown was being handled. Nor would I fall into the trap of writing pointless blogs about what breakfast I had that day or the jigsaw I had recently completed. Rather, I would simply press pause on my blogging.

However, as another birthday is about to roll past I wanted to write a note, as much for myself as anyone else (I’ve learnt that no-one reads what I pen), to remind myself to pick up again once I have something to say once more.

Home, or the next one, is still not confirmed. Negotiations stalled with COVID and each time I think we take a step towards completion we have taken a step back. Cardross, where we currently rent, has been a great base for walking and access to local trails is plenty. It remains home for now.

I remain thankful that my family and I are safe, and I cannot complain that I have become bored during the periods when we have been asked to isolate as a household. There remains plenty to do and I haven’t yet exhausted NETFLIX.

Lockdown has confirmed to me we are making the right decision to flee the city and seek our own remote home with the ambition to become more self sufficient and live a simpler life. So the vision remains and the desire to make it happen as strong as it always was. It is just taking more time to get to the starting gate than I ever thought.

Sunset captured from a walk around Cardross village

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