…. to those who wait.

I began writing this blog on March 26th 2019, it was there to document the family’s decision and journey to move out of the family home in a quest for adventure and something new. A property had been identified in February that took our fancy and was within our budgetary reach, although it needed a less quantifiable sum of renovation. Our ambition was always that a future property and associated land could promote a change in lifestyle and allow us to build a business for ourselves.

The path to buying said property, or alternative with equally good views, afforded by location with space to build a business, was fraught and has proved to be significant in time. However, I am delighted to announce at last that we have completed on the purchase of such a property and can begin planning the next stage of our life.

This in itself presents a huge challenge. We are two years older than when Karen and I first floated the idea of a renovation project but now the deal is done we find ourselves hungry and excited to begin work and I promise the cadence of the blog will grow more frequent to match the efforts of 2021 and beyond. The real work (at least the real physical work) starts now and the challenge is significant.

Our first priority is to build a home for the future, but the property has so much potential that we need to figure out how to exploit this. The location is ideal for us and the views are everything we wanted, more to come on that in future posts. To that end a teaser of the house in the form of a photo:

The stock photo shows the new home in better condition than we find it today, it is in need of much love to restore it to (and hopefully beyond) its former glory. In truth the beauty of this somewhat austere property lies in the views it affords and the tranquility that surrounds it.

For now, the tranquility will be broken by us ripping out and the second purchase of the weekend (this time a business one) will aid in that goal. Very happy with the deal from Perth Commercial Vehicles and the interest showed by Ramsey in the project.

The hard (physical) work starts now and we truly hope this is a case of good things come to those who wait.

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