One of the problems we have at the moment is that we live an approximate 2 1/2 hour journey from our renovation. In the current COVID environment the local hotel and restaurant (there are one of each on the Island) are closed which means all meals need to be thought about in advance giving me a great excuse to cook. The accommodation hired for the weekend has good facilities but knowing how much there is to do a quick return from the prepared food is absolutely necessary. So I am writing this three meals down on a Thursday night.

Friday nights delicacy will be chilli-con-carne, pretty pleased with this already….

Saturday nights dinner will be chicken and bacon lasagna. Both planned to be heated without fuss and fuel for what will hopefully have been more productive works over the Easter weekend.

And my final thought before bed tonight. I have explained to a number of friends that we have started a journey to a more self-sufficient life trying to implant the thought of a modern day Tom & Barbara Good (for those old enough to remember). Instead one of my friends clearly thinks of me more in the mold of another old sitcom when asking if it was ‘back to Craggy Island this weekend’. To be fair there is an affinity to Ted and I did after all buy a Manse on a small Island.

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