Home Alone

No trip to the new home for Andy this week, but Karen travelled yesterday with son for company. We had recently found the architect who’s firm had a long standing relationship with the Manse and after a couple of aborted attempts a meeting was arranged for Thursday. In attempt to make the journey as beneficial as possible we also arranged for a roofer, Michael Ross, to take a further look at the exposed building and make recommendations to render again or not.

The architect will come back with a proposal but made encouraging remarks about our vision for the property and a restoration sympathetic to the Georgian build. We need to get heating calculations to understand the green energy, that we want to employ, will be fit for purpose. Plenty more to explore here and the architects already having the plans for the Manse helps move things forward.

Michael has done us a good turn on a couple of occasions in our old place and we have been delighted he is prepared to travel with his crew to our new abode. He spent the morning unearthing more of the build from the cement render, something we all agree needs to be removed, with the hope of finding a good stone build underneath.

These excavations, however, shed more light on why render had been applied with the stone between the already unearthed corners being less attractive and more ‘bitty’. In short the course of action looks to be remove cement render, clean and then re-apply a lime render. Perhaps not what we wanted but we have to be realistic and take this loss on the chin. We had prepared, as such, in budgetary terms so it’s important we get this right as we can afford it only once!

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