The walls came tumbling down

On return from holiday the race was on to take as much of the Old Manse back to brick as was humanly possibly between the three members of the family. Son, having finished all University commitments, was free to visit as much as his social life allowed and to be fair he has prioritised us over other more fun activities. So this post is probably going to be as interesting as paint dry but very much a document of all recent renovation activity.

First week back from holiday saw attention to the ground floor and the room that will become an ensuite bathroom to a ground floor bedroom for mum. Other than the salvation of a period fireplace the room exemplifies what we are attempting throughout the property. First pic shows that when the first layer of framed plasterboard is removed the stonework itself is plastered and needs stripped back. No insulation to the walls has yet been found, Using the chipper the original stone is revealed in the second picture, with the third showing the lath and plaster finish that came after the original plastering of walls. Finally an empty room clear of rubble.

Plasterboard removed, left side plaster direct on stone wall, right side stripped
Chipper laid to rest having removed plaster from lower sections
Examples of lath in wall and ceiling when first layer of plaster has been removed
Platform used to remove ceiling and higher plaster – room ‘back to brick’

Similar process again for ground floor bedroom. Though I will mention that we have been separating out lath for use as kindling later and dumping all of the discarded plaster onto the front garden of the Old Manse to provide type 1 for dressing later.

The ‘murder room’ getting a makeover, one wall done
Lath – on offer for kindling around the island
The front garden, to be transformed for car parking. To be dressed when he have the money!!

Before I tell you about the progress on the first floor (I promise I will keep it brief) the other momentous event this month was Dan’s graduation. I am immensely proud of both our children’s achievements and it was no mean feat for our son to graduate with a 2i in Networking and Cybersecurity. After a number of job offers he starts a new career on the 1st August and we wish him every success as I know it will be. His sister also began a new job in New Zealand this week after being head hunted from her previous role, also on the up for her.

The three man demolition team in a parallel Universe. Very proud of this one.

Back to the reno. The first floor presented the additional challenge of gravity. Having hauled rubble from the top floor last year we were keen to avoid doing this again in volume. Fortunately, we managed to borrow a ‘chute so the race was on last weekend to break / chip / clear as much plaster from the walls as was humanly possible in 3 days. The room that will become the living room and the two bedrooms were targeted and I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story (I said I would be brief).

Gravity is our friend. Much of the first floor left via this window
More lath – it seems such a shame to destroy workmanship like this but needs must for insulation to be added
A speck of light between the once dividing wall of the bedrooms
Mother and son still hard at it when dad had to go back to the day job
Bedrooms largely complete as is the main room leaving ceilings to finish in slower time

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