Quite often I find a copy of the ‘Dreamers Dictionary’ lying open in the bedroom, Karen checking for hidden meaning in the images of the night before. I, however, cannot remember the last time I awoke in the morning to recall any memory of what happened in my subconscious in the prior 8 hours of sleep. My superpower is being able to sleep soundly (most of the time), but does it deny me the opportunity to dream in glorious technicolor? Or at least the ability to recall the dream?

Perhaps this also points to a lack of imagination on my part. Over the years as primarily a project manager I have been taught to deal with the ‘facts’ in front of me. When dealing with risk I always found it difficult to foresee anything out of the ordinary that could occur (probably why so many of my and others projects encountered delay). And as I sit around post #5 into this blog I am already wondering what I shall pen about next with no clue in my mind.

So is this a blessing or a curse? I guess anyone who suffers sleepless nights because their brain won’t shut down for so many ideas flowing around their head with endless possibilities created by the multiple universes they live in would say there is a down side. But at the same time I’ve never had that killer idea that led me to some great business benefit and made me millions.

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