Hide and Seek

Before I publish this first in a few blogs I need to say that they were written on a day-by-day basis in an attempt to provide a commentary of the work we started on our new home to be. Unfortunately, the realization soon struck that the capacity to upload photographs via the tech I took with me wasn’t going to work. So here they are all at once……

It was approximately 10 years ago when I last played hide and seek. That event ended in humiliation as my arch nemesis JJ found me hiding behind a bath, the humiliation wasn’t in being found but having to send JJ for adult help to extract me from behind said bath. Today the task was to find a path to a septic tank that had cunningly hidden itself behind a forest of brambles.

The picture shows the girth of the problem but not the depth – no pun intended but I’d estimate that there was a run of 30-40 meters. I was advised by my good friend Allan last week, who has previous for a landscaping business (20+ years ago I suspect), that a good brush cutter should see the back of anything like that. His advice proved pretty good in cutting down the brambles but dragging them from the path and ultimately disposing of them (one of tomorrow’s jobs) proved more of a problem. Karen did a sterling job armed with rake in clearing the path, which was the main point but the brambles took the first round scarring us both.

A further 4 hours of brush cutting and we definitely had the better of them though…..

The path clearance to the septic tank had a secondary objective, to clear a route to a number of outbuildings that are on the land. We had spotted them as having great potential on our first visit to our new home but the brambles had prevented much investigation. Nature has claimed much of the them making the buildings not out of place in a fantasy novel but the worry is reclaiming them from the ivy may result in further damage. That however is for another day, but right now they provide some interesting photos. More on the septic tank tomorrow when the drainage specialists visit.

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