What a shower

This story start’s at a point on Friday, a point where I had decided not to travel to the new home at the weekend as I was collecting the shepherd’s hut mid-week. We agreed with the roofer that it would not be right to ask him to stay at the house without a shower to allow him to rid himself of the dirt and dust associated with removing render. A call was put out to a local plumber who was able and willing to travel to the Island on Saturday, but only Saturday, so plans changed.

Karen and I hotfooted to Gigha on Saturday with a new shower to meet the plumber. Installation took place only to find that the problem was less of a plumbing issue but more of an electrical one. To a layman like me the circuit to the shower wasn’t meaty enough to both expel water and heat it (voltage drops were mentioned but I won’t pretend I understand). Fortunately for us a twin room was available at the local hotel meaning the roofer and his plus one didn’t need to be delayed, although it did mean further cost in the budget but no matter.

Fast forward to today where I sit at my desk anticipating a calm morning. The work party that went to Gigha on Sunday were reporting good progress. Son, amidst the wasteland that we nominally call the vegetable garden, had uncovered an abandoned trailer. A makeshift connection was made to the tractor / mower and hey-presto a means of cargoing heavy items around the patch established (extremely useful for the deliveries of shepherd’s hut and beehive I mentally note). Dan even had time to ascend to a position of good signal to send me the above and below pictures.

And then at approximately 11am came the call. Work having started on removal of render had hit a glitch. The same electrical problem effecting the shower was causing the supply to trip with the heavy machinery being used to do the job.

Here I have to complement my wife & son & partner for resourcefulness. Almost as soon as the call had ended I received a text to say she was on the ferry to pick up a generator, capably organised by a phone call by son 10 minutes before. I’m yet to hear whether collection was successful as I write this paragraph but will now pause the draft until further reports are received. Island life and the challenges it throws up make life both interesting and expensive!

Update: all is well and progressing. The search party that was dispatched from the Island found and brought back the generator, which now has the roofer working at full power.

All is well again.

One thought on “What a shower

  1. You can only plan so much and then its a case of reacting to whatever unexpected situations get thrown at you. Sound like you’re coping well.

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