Shepherd’s hutdate

At last, word from the supplier that the missing parts for the Shepherd’s hut had arrived in country and were being dispatched to my address. So one order promised but the drive belt for the mower is still missing in action after being told the manufacturer had dispatched.

Still the week was planned to be in Cardross and make inroads to the task of reorganising our storage to allow us to add furniture if required. Since moving out of Nethermill, storage has housed all of our books and trinkets gathered over the years together. It has been dipped into on a regular basis when we realised we need access to something boxed away and in doing so the space isn’t used efficiently. So Karen and I set about the task of moving everything still housed there into approximately one third of the rented space.

This is essential to our plan to downsize from the rental we are in and a move to another temporary home much closer to our renovation site. The intermediary landing spot will be much smaller so storage is going to have to accommodate a few more larger items of furniture but that seems quite possible after three days of sorting. Pleased with our efforts to compact what is already there we need to turn our focus to anything not screwed down in the rental and move unnecessary items now. The game of sell / store / dispose will again be key for the remainder of the month and next.

A return to Gigha then on Sunday at the start of the week for a couple of days, the start of which felt more holiday than work with the good weather making a re-appearance. A midday ferry trip allowed collection of the missing parts for the Shepherd’s hut and plenty of time to in the afternoon to ready the site for build activities on Monday. We took mum over to view progress, making three generations on the trip to enjoy the sun in the beer garden of the Gigha Hotel:

And then to the serious build stuff on Monday with the objective of having the base for the Shepherd’s hut complete by the end of the day. Not really something I can spin into a tale as it was largely trouble free. Plenty of measure and remeasure, level and re-level but we ended up with a base we were pretty happy with, only one noticeable error in our build sequence that may need slight rectification later. Some pictures of progress then.

The missing bars that have caused delay
The bars reinforced the frames built previously and centred them to the axles
Seven cross beams built and added at right angles to the frames
65 floor boards to be added to that base
A production line and two hours of hammering….
…..Base completed

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