I have been a little quiet of late and there is little to tell about things at The Old Manse as focus has had to be on our exit from Cardross. The week has come when we have to be out of our rental there and the four bed house has be packed into either a) storage b) our smaller let on Gigha c) the Manse or now d) friends who are willing to look after items for a while. Oh and Facebook marketplace has been a frenzy of activity, in the latest kitchen stock-take we still own 3 slow cookers though…..

At the beginning of the month we began to let a small holiday cottage on Gigha and took the opportunity to scope out the temporary home with our good friends Kathryn & John. Weather not allowing for further work on hut or Manse that weekend we drove the Kintyre 66 – this time (for me) with more success in finding the Antony Gormley statue at Saddell Bay. I have to credit John with the first photo below as he was brave enough to scramble out onto the rocks for the vantage point.

View from the rocks looking back towards Saddell Castle
GRIP looking out to sea

Lovely to have some leisure time in the middle of sorting out the move and an excuse to show some picture of something other than storage units and rented transits (still to come). We even managed lunch at Skipness and were greeted with a fabulous rainbow captured at Inverary.

Credit to Kathryn for this great shot at Inverary

Back to the serious stuff. Storage is reaching capacity – largely because I wont sacrifice the large dining table and twelve chairs that, for me, symbolises our love to socialise around food. Boxes are stacked high and today will see the last bits of furniture ‘tetrised’ into place. The rented van has seen two trips to Gigha in as many days to transfer all the garden furniture and a collection of tools for the garden shed make their journey to the Island.

Still several bits of furniture to go..
Full use of the transit (twice so far)

So that’s the week’s update – nothing majorly exciting to tell on the blog this time but a marker to all the practical things that have to happen when moving home. Our eventual new home was looking as great as ever when snapped by fellow Islander Keith this week and he again reminds me why we are moving to this beautiful Island. Hopefully the next time I write you will be seeing us working on the Manse to keep warm throughout winter!

The Old Manse

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