I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)

Walking has been a saviour to my health and mental state alike during the enforced lock downs of the last year. Lock down aside Karen and I had already been trying to do more exercise via walking for some time now and over the last year I’m delighted to announce we’ve largely been successful in that goal. To quote the Proclaimers, “I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more”. Well not quite, at least according to the iPhone, but nearly…….

So 365 days @ 2.5 miles = 912.5 miles for the year

The distance is the important bit for the physical health but the fresh air and scenery have been equally important for my mental state. We are truly blessed in Scotland to enjoy beautiful walking on our doorstep and the pictures below only capture in part the stunning views of the local area:

Walking last weekend the hills between Cardross & Helensburgh with views across to the windmills of Greenock

Being somewhat restricted to the local area I’ve also noticed the beauty of the changing seasons. From last March I watched a crop of wheat grow from seedling to harvest on our daily route that only time lapse photography (of which I’m not capable) could reproduce here. A more startling contrast in the two photos below.

Summer nights and a view masquerading as the African Savannah
Snow topped mountains give away the same tree features in a cold day in Scotland

Little more to report this month so one last view from the regular route, keep safe.

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