(New Year’s) Resolution

Resolve is defined as a firm determination to do something when used as a noun, and to find a solution when used as a verb. This year, which I hope will be better than the yo-yo lock-down of 2020 but as yet shows no sign of abating, we remain determined to find a solution to moving forward with a house purchase.

The COVID pandemic has disrupted plans for almost a year now, but even without that the path to buying has been tortuous. Seeing a rise in cases due to a new variant has further dismayed hope that the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is in sight and I assume this will further complicate the process moving forward and, more-so, the plans to renovate. However, I remain optimistic that the deal will be done and hungry for the challenge that awaits.

With stated optimism I therefore think it’s time to commit to writing the blog again on a more regular basis. My resolution will be to write once a month as a minimum. If nothing else, to use the blog as a diary of the month gone, which will hopefully be more interesting than the list of 30 meals I have eaten during the last period of lock-down. When I started I had it in mind that I downloaded my iPhone photos once a month to facebook as a reminder to what had happened – I’m going to try that tactic again with a few added here to the blog.

So as a practice some minders of 2020….

(April) The One In Lockdown#1……………
(August) Keeping me sane in lockdown, I’m lucky to share it with my wife, best friend, rock
(December) Local walks have helped immeasurably and remind me of the beautiful place that Scotland is….
(October) …. and the same is true of the golf.
(September) And because we cant have friends inside the firepit has become as essential as the martinis
Although no restaurants for the main I’ve been provided with gifts of food that are even better..
(November) And finishing with our one mini-break to St Andrews when tiers still allowed, HNY everyone!

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