Rest Day

Hump day, as I know it, found Mrs. York and I feeling tired from our first 3 days of activity. Some good wins already with the septic tank, the discovery of good floors under carpets and what looks like an original stone build of quality that can be exposed once the render is dealt with. Noticeably though, our 50+ years are not conditioned for a 7 day run of high intensity exercise, something I blame on having 30 years in a desk job, not diet or excessive drinking.

We also needed to find the nearest building supplies for future use and that essential travel meant we had to travel down the Kintyre peninsula to Campbeltown. The floors now exposed needed stubborn underlay (glued down) and an overzealous amount of staples removing from them and although we were tired, we figured our enthusiasm would allow continuance tomorrow.

One thing we need to learn as we acclimatize to Island life is the ferry timetable. The jobs we had to do were done fairly quickly so we found ourselves with an hour to kill and an excellent opportunity to walk along a beach. Something we love, and the beaches of the west coast of Scotland rarely disappoint. This was no exception. This is one of the primary reasons we have moved to be in sight of the water and one thing we will definitely repeat. Again and again.

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