Flawed floors.

As per yesterday’s blog, with new tools in hand we set about reparation of floors and stairs. I wont bore you with details but lets say it’s not finished yet and isn’t a quick job.

With the afternoon, and better weather, attention turned back to outside tasks. The plan to burn brambles was thwarted by showers and a lack of suitable starter material – a job for our next trip now. Instead we decided it prudent to clear the path into the walled garden. This was the feature of the property that Karen and I were most attracted to on first visit, both wanting to become more self-sufficient and an aspiration to own land for vegetable growing and possibly small livestock. Possibly, for much later in the journey.

So back to the more industrial tools of brush cutter and loppers to set about a recess in the walled garden we have already started to call the orangery. It sounds quite pretentious writing it down but you have to dream don’t you? We have already noticed, amongst the trees in the garden, apple, fig, cherry and we think olive but dream of somehow adding a roof to this section affording a warmer climate for citrus fruits (yes I’m trying to cultivate lemon or lime for my gin and tonic).

So I can see now when I look at it myself it doesn’t much conjure up a picture of an orangery, it’s a mess that needs further attention – as does much of the garden tbh. Let me try to set the scene

Still looks like a lot of out of control garden needing to be taken back from nature? Me too. How about this one?

A little better but most of it is still in my imagination. Let me turn to some of the trees I mentioned earlier that we think we have spotted and I will end the blog here for today.

Sweet Fennel?
Japanese Angelica?
Peach or Nectarine? Or Cherry?

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