Looking Up.

It has long been a tradition in our marriage that Karen and I attempt to plan date nights for each other (together I mean!). Mostly, this has been to restaurants that one of us has mentioned or theatre / cinema visits to stage and films we want to see. Some of our attempts have varied from this more obvious path including our latest date to a series of lectures at the Glasgow Science Centre – “The Beginners Guide to the Universe”.

The four lectures were extremely well presented and fully utilised the capabilities housed in the planetarium held within the Science Centre. For anyone nearby to Glasgow I would fully encourage them to go visit the Planetarium and take in one of the shows.

Being a very amateur astronomer or, better put, stargazer I have spent an amount of time looking up to the skies. A passion that first began back at University still excites me when I see dark cloudless heavens painted by the stars. Karen fortunately shares my passion and the lectures expanded our knowledge of where and when to search for planets and stars / constellations we should be able to recognise.

And again back to the ambition of the next home and a place where light pollution is low enough to allow us to enjoy this hobby more and more often. In the meantime, back to more reading the star charts and waiting for the clouds in the area to disperse.

A reminder where to look for future shows: https://www.glasgowsciencecentre.org/whats-on/planetarium-lates?fbclid=IwAR07etlU-SFdZkH3M69LCqFz1BymLILDdJ1K0orgvZSwf832195alP15s1Q

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