I always log on to my WordPress account and look at the date of my last post before I start typing. On this occasion I find the longest gap since last posting but there is good reason.

So in the month since last writing we have made the jump from the family home of the last 18 years to a rented property in a nearby village. The dream of finding a remote property to build or renovate as we move towards retirement years still remains (we still figure there is a twilight zone where we remain young and able enough to do a fair percentage of the heavy lifting ourselves). However, we are yet to find the plot to build or the wreck to renovate yet.

The interim has thrown up some interesting challenges already. Not until you move your life of the last 18 years do you realise exactly how much stuff you own. Photos of stacking CDs into boxes in comparison to the game of Tetris have been played out on a much larger scale as I try to introduce a dining room table (measuring 3m long when extended), a couch, three armchairs, two ottomans and a large tv and supporting unit into a medium sized living room. An equation that simply didnt work and proves that we have a long way to go in the current downsizing we attempted before moving.

I have also learnt that when moving and insisting that I can do it all myself with a hired van, I should next time listen to my wife. The move could not have happened without many of our good friends pitching in to help and for that I am eternally grateful.

It was an emotional day when we finally left but I noted that whilst we have left the old house behind, it was the friends & family that created the great memories, the house is where many of the memories happened. The friends and family persist and we will go on to create many more memories.

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