Fun Sponge

From a house buying context the last few months have had largely disappointing results. The process for choosing / considering / buying the next house depends on a number of criteria, but more particularly for conversation here, how my wife and I look at those criteria……..

Karen is very good at seeing the possibilities that a property can offer. I’ve said previously that I’m not much of a dreamer and my wife excels here. Years of being a scholar of Grand Designs and largely being responsible for the design and management to the changes to our previous home give her the vision of the art of the possible. In short, Karen is about the aesthetic and the possibility.

Andy is much more cautious generally and pessimistic about the cost to implement or change what is in front of him. My tools are more calculator and spreadsheet (you’ve got to love a spreadsheet though, haven’t you?) before I can enjoy the view in front of me. In short, as a new colleague put it this week, a fun sponge.

I have to admit that I’ve not come across this term before but I quite like it. When I explained the term to Karen mid-week, and what I had been accused of, it took her a few minutes to stop laughing. And when she did, she proclaimed it to be the perfect description of me (I hope only in this process).

Strangely, in the last couple of weeks, the process or views have been reversed. We have looked at a property where I think there is potential and Karen is more concerned about the financial aspect.

Ultimately, I agree that this one is a bit pie-in-the-sky and needs much more due diligence before any offer can be considered (sound much more like myself again there). The likelihood is that our valuation will fall below what the vendor will accept and our search will continue – back to being a fun sponge after all!

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