They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

From my last post you will notice that I am engaged in gainful employment once more, and I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to earn some cash to replenish the dwindling equity for our next house purchase. What I don’t seem to have right is the balance between resuming work and the many activities I enjoyed whilst having time to myself.

I haven’t written about, but I was really enjoying spin class at the local halls. Anyone who knows me reading this will think ‘Andy, spin class???’; but I forced myself to start an exercise regime and got on quite well with this form of exercise. Problem is most of the available classes are within my now working day so I’ve abandoned the experience.

Undoubtedly, my initial calculations to the finances we need to start our next venture are somewhat under cooked and work is a necessary conclusion to bolstering the shortfall. It wasn’t in the planning to rent as an interim and that has an associated cost, teaching me a valuable lesson. I still hope we can escape the treadmill of modern life and attempt a different lifestyle, but it is proving difficult to achieve.

So I’ve strayed back to the bad habits of spending too much time in front of the TV and I realise I’m making excuses for not resuming the exercise that I started. Resolution is required to re-start, so instead of more time typing I’m going to look for last minute space in an evening class. Better that than further sofa occupying!

Time to be less dull and have a bit more will power to what was started.

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