Taking Stock

First week working on the property done. We are tired but enthusiastic still and it is with a sense of dismay we have to leave early tomorrow morning. The locals have been welcoming, particularly Kenny who invited us to look at his own renovation, a stunning property with the most spectacular views. It would be wrong not to mention the hospitality afforded by Christine, Joe and Hannah also – the accommodation on the Island I can highly recommend for a visit when lockdown opens beyond essential works.

Good wins as I have mentioned before but a little frustration in that we haven’t managed to get our architect to visit yet to due the ferry disruptions. On the last day here I walked the property with Karen to take stock of next actions and we have plenty still on our initial to-do list. Plenty done also and a week to be proud of as I hope the camera reel demonstrates:

A view across to the house
Upper floor stripped of carpet and ventilation to the chimney opened
View from the upper floor (North)
View from the upper floor (South)
First floor living room stripped of carpet – bedroom likewise
Stairs clear of underlay and gripper rods
furniture, carpet, curtains removed from the ground floor
Access to walled Garden cleared
And that way too

Still lots more to occupy us and paramount that we get professional advice on many aspects. Already looking forward to the next visit.

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